High School Summer Camp

Get ready for a week of fun at United Christian Youth Camp. High school camp is MEGA camp combining all of the high school camps into one MEGA worship experience. Join us July 20th - 24th for this amazing experience.

Price: $340

*Financial scholarships are available 

Camp Deposit: Please make your $50 camp deposit to finalize your registration and to reserve your spot for camp.

Payment Process: Use our PushPay portal to make your camp deposit and camp payments. You can use this link, go to our website, or use our app to access our PushPay portal. When making your payment, select "Camp Payment" as your giving type.


Have you ever looked around and felt like something was missing?

There are seven billion humans on earth. Whether you are the life of the party or drained by social situations, there are people everywhere. Isn’t it odd that we are more surrounded by people than ever, yet we have never felt so disconnected?

Life can get lonely, especially when you don’t have a community of people supporting you. Hurtful words, unhealthy competition, and hate from others hurts our ability to feel loved. When do we start making a change for the better?

This summer at UCYC, we will be looking at the first ever Christian church and how their beliefs made them a completely new community of love, care, and meaning. This community was different because of Jesus, they valued caring and providing for each other. Together, we will learn how you can live a fresh life with the powerful message these people carried.

Connect in a way you never have before. Be Fresh.

United Christian Youth Camp

1400 Paradise Valley Rd.

Prescott, AZ 86303

Surprise Campus

Drew Carroll

United Christian Youth Camp

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Registration closed on Saturday, July 20, 2019